5 Considerations For Buying Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

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This informative article will try to delve deeper into the subject by focusing on what to consider before buying salt lamps, the characteristics, facts, importance, and air purification mechanism of these lamps.

Himalayan salt is booming in recent years.

Himalayan salt lamps are known for their health benefits and the soothing light they emit.

Things To Consider Before Buying Salt Lamps

Before buying salt lamps, you need to consider everything:

Make sure the salt lamp is made with salt from the Hevra mine in the Himalayas.

It is essential to choose a suitable size lamp for your room. If you have a small space, look for a light that weighs between 2 and 3 kg.

If your salt lamp changes a large room’s ambiance, such as an office or living room, look for a model that weighs between 18 and 22 kg.

The Big Question Is How The Salt Lamp Works

A light bulb placed in the center of a salt stone produces light, and a small amount of heat necessary to produce negative ions due to natural phenomena.

The question of how a salt lamp works is a metaphysical mystery to the average citizen.

These lamps’ advantages lie in the ionizing and hygroscopic properties of Himalayan salt, the latter being the scientific term for all salt lamps and meaning that it attracts moisture along with all other water molecules in the air.

How The Salt Lamp Generates Negative Ions

Salt lamps act as natural ionizers thanks to the natural phenomena between air, light, and salt.

The salt lamp interacts with the water macromolecules in the air, which react to the heat generated by the glass bulb inside the salt lamp, releasing negatively charged sodium and chloride ions.

It is direct proportional to salt lamp size and weight to the formation of negative ions.

The Importance Of Negative Ions Produced By Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps produce negatively charged ions that help maintain the electromagnetic balance of the environment.

And they stimulate the immune system. They also help to relax, clear thoughts, and induce sleep.

An excess of positive ions in the air is believed to negatively affect serotonin production, a hormone involved in mood regulation.

Himalaya Salt Products – The Best Air Purifiers

Himalayan salt products are the best air purifiers and are an alternative to conventional means.

They purify the air through the negative ions that are released when they are turned on.

Air purifiers are not as effective as Himalayan salt lamps.

However, they are not as fast as air purifiers because it is a machine, but they are better because air purifiers are expensive and require constant maintenance and replacement of filters over time, which is an additional cost.

Salt Lamps Emit A Soothing And Calming Light That Varies In Color.

Salt lamps produce a relaxing and soothing light, which makes them the best alternative to their competitors.

Many energy health experts have found that chromotherapy helps positively influence our mood, state of mind, and energy levels.

The color ranges from light pink to orange for each lamp.

Chromotherapy is a well-documented alternative method for diagnosing and treating various conditions. It aims to balance a person’s “energy” lacking (physically, spiritually, emotionally, or mentally).

The color of the light depends on the stone’s formation and the color, so no two salt lamps are alike.

Salt lamps are not only used to purify the air but also for chromotherapy. The color of the light emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp promotes harmony and thus relaxation of the body.

Origin Of The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

The salt lamps come from a specific region and a group of mines located in Hevra, Pakistan, on the border of the Himalayan Mountains.

At the unique Hevra salt mine, farmers have to descend 1,500 meters underground to manually collect crystals from the 6.7 billion tons of salt stored underground.

Himalayan salt lamps are handmade from crystalline rock salt mined in the Himalayan foothills.

Himalayan salt is known worldwide mainly for its healing properties. This salt is used primarily for cooking, table salt, licking animals, natural salt lamps, split salt lamps (of different shapes), and other decorations.

Himalayan salt is mainly used for its purifying, neutral, and biological properties.

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