Best Himalayan Salt Lamp With Massage Balls

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If you are looking to get the most out of your salt lamp, you may want to purchase a set of Himalayan salt lamp massage balls. 

These hand-made massage balls have been carved out of salt crystal taken straight out of the salt mines in Khewra, Pakistan. 

The balls are filled with tiny holes, which allow for the lamp’s natural negative ionic energy to be emitted throughout the balls, resulting in an increased sense of calm and well-being.

Salt Lamp Bowls – What Are They?

Himalayan salt bowl lamps have recently become increasingly popular, which comes in a variety of styles.

These salt crystal lamps come in various shapes and sizes, including fire bowls, serenity bowls, and pink salt bowls.

In a darkened room, the salt lamp bowls in many ways appear to radiate like fire. The bowl itself is smooth, and inside there are chunks of Himalayan rock salt arranged over a warming bulb.

Himalayan Salt Balls for Salt Bowl Lamps

The Himalayan rock salt bowl with circular massage stones, an innovative variation on this design, is an attractive option.

In place of rough chunks of rock salt, these bowls feature smooth carved Himalayan pink salt balls heated by a salt lamp below and can be used for massage.

Himalayan salt balls heated to a comfortable temperature deliver the therapeutic effects of salt lamps. Many online users enjoy the sensation of heated Himalayan salt balls for massage.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp With Massage Balls

  1. IndusClassic LFB-04 Fire Bowl
  2. Himalayan Salt Lamp Serenity Bowl
  3. Massage Ball Fire Bowl

Salt Stone Massage: The Benefits

You can use Himalayan salt balls for a massage after being warmed by the lamp beneath the salt rock. They should be massaged firmly over the same muscles and areas of the body when you give a typical massage.

Massage with salt balls is especially effective in promoting relaxation by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your mind to relax and unwind.

Himalayan Salt Therapy With Massage Stones

A masseuse can use hot Himalayan salt stones to massage the back, neck, arms, and legs and be used as an extension of their hand.

Additionally, you can also warm the salt rock balls up and massage them up and down your arms, along the back of your calves and thighs, especially along the shoulders and back of your neck.

Himalayan salt stones can be used for foot massages as well. Roll salt stones under your feet while seated on a floor covered with a protective cloth.

Plantar fasciitis and other forms of foot pain can be relieved with this hot stone massage. You can also use it to reduce sore heel arches after a long day of wearing high heels or leather shoes.

The rock salt from the Himalayas is naturally antibacterial, but it’s still a good idea to wipe the pink salt balls down with a damp cloth before restoring them.

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