Can Negative Ions Be Absorbed Through The Skin

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Yes, they can be! You can absorb negative ions through our skin to help our skin cells retain their vitality and energies and recuperate healthiness.

Studies have shown that the skin can absorb more than eighty percent of the Negative Ions. When other Positive Ions enter the skin, the skin pores and sweat gland’s surface instantly shrink a little, but when blowing air with Negative Ions on the skin surface, the skin pores and sweat glands expand instead. This is an excellent metabolic sensation called “plasma membrane’s skin reflex.”

Benefits Of Negative Ion For Your Skin 

Negative ions are of benefit to the human body in twelve significant ways: 

  1. It helps strengthen the functions and capacities of autonomic nerves.  
  2. Negative ions reinforce collagen production in the skin.
  3. It enhances the permeability of the cell’s precursor plasma membranes.
  4. Negative ions strengthen the immune system of the body.
  5. These ions readily dilate blood vessels.
  6. Negative ions are known to stabilize, steady, and balance blood pressure.
  7. They strengthen and bolster the bones.
  8. Negative ions balance the respiration process.
  9. They are suitable for calming the nerves.
  10. These ions are effective for enhancing the functions of the heart.
  11. They also promote healthy and robust growth.
  12. Negative ions boost melanin production.

Note: You can use negative ion skin therapy to activate a large number of negative ions in the skin cells. When the negative ions are activated and bind with the positive ions present in the skin cells, this allows the nutrients in our skincare products to reach the subtler layers of the skin and provide nourishment for the skin.

Can Negative Ions Be Absorbed Through The Skin?

Are There Skin Care Products That Enhance The Functions Of Negative Ions?

Technically, yes! There are lots of skin products out there that boost the functions of negative ions. These skincare products work so that these negative ions can be paired with skin serums or even body moisturizers. A negative charge present allows the nutrients to infiltrate below the skin surface, thereby ensuring an increased absorption and resulting in smoother and shinier skin.

How Advisable Are Negative Ions For Skin Care?

The positive effects of negative ions when it comes to maximizing your skincare routine cannot be overemphasized. Despite other negative speculations that might have gone around, or we might have heard about these ions at one point or the other, there’s a lot of positivity present in the negativity of these ions that could impact your skincare if appropriately used. In fact, this is one of the few times when negativity is actually good!


The more civilized our society gets, we realize that living standard cultures have also brought issues such as air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and other pollutants. 

Little by little, these factors invade our health, thereby causing the fundamental elements of our bodies, our white and red blood cells, to deteriorate and become necrosis, relinquishing their original energy flow.

These problems are already severely affecting our health. If left untreated, our bodies will lose the vitality and stamina we once had. Negative Ions can be just that supplementary element.

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