Can Salt Lamps Catch On Fire

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Can salt lamps catch on fire? Yes, they can. If they are not authentic or are not correctly handled, they could pose a fire risk.

Himalayan salt lamps are colored rock salts with a light bulb placed in them. When lighted, these lamps give an amber glow that soothes the mind. The choice of rock as the body of the lamp serves to purify the air. Salt lamps are becoming welcome choices for night lamps. 

With many people considering using salt lamps all night, there is a concern about how safe they are. If it is to be left burning all night, can salt lamps catch fire? 

First, you have to understand how they work.

How Do Salt Lamps Work?

Salt lamps usually come with a lamp, a light bulb, a base, wires, and a dimmer switch. The light bulb selected is often the type that would generate heat. 

When the lamp is turned on, and the bulb glows, it radiates heat. The heated lamp then loses water vapor to the air. So as the lamp glows, it emits water vapor for cleaner air in the room.

Simple process, right? Yes.

The primary cause of fire hazards in salt lamps, however, comes from faults in the wiring. 

Salt is hygroscopic and could drip water. If the salt melts and drips on the lamp holder, it could cause damage to the cord. Salt is an electrolyte, and when it leaks on wires can cause a spark.

How To Avoid Fire Hazards With Salt Lamps

Fire hazards are dangerous but can be prevented if the proper steps are taken. Here’s a list of simple things to do so you can avoid fire while enjoying the benefits that come with the salt lamp.

  • Ensure you get quality lamps. Authentic lamps are more resistant to damage and come with quality parts. An original product should come with a UL safety sticker to guarantee that all its wires have been inspected.
  • When setting up the lamps, ensure the light bulb should not touch the lamp. If it does, the melted salt can get into the lamp.
  • The dim switch should not be left loose too. If the dimmer switch does not work correctly, there is a tendency for the lamp to overheat, causing the salt to melt. It would help if you also considered dimming the light when sleeping.
  • Keep the lamp as dry as possible. You can do this by putting the lamp on placemats and wiping off sweats from it and the surrounding.
  • It is also not advisable to turn on the light in an empty room or when no one is around. Aside from the strain on your utility bill and electrical risks, it’s simply a waste of purified air.


You can place salt lamps in any room or even on an office desk. While they have both decorative and health benefits, you should not forget that it’s electronic.

Like every electronic device, the salt lamp tends to cause a spark. Although these sparks and consequent fire outbreaks are very rare, it’s necessary to take precautions. Following the above-given precautions, you should be able to avoid fire.

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