Do Salt Lamps Ruin Furniture?

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Many things can ruin an elegant piece of wood furniture, from dirt and grime to water damage. 

But one thing you might not have considered is a simple salt lamp. 

Salt lamps are pretty popular, and for a good reason—they’re said to help purify the air and provide a pleasing ambiance in your home. 

But, believe it or not, salt lamps can ruin your furniture. 

The problem occurs because the lamp can attract moisture, which can cause wood to swell. 

This will eventually lead to cracks in the wood. Once that happens, the wood won’t hold the finish; it will start to crack and flake off.

Salt Lamps are a Big Business

People love them because they look nice, and they’re supposed to help purify the air in your home. 

There’s just one problem: they’re not exactly helpful in the way that most people think. (Although they do make a great conversation piece.) The truth is, these lamps are not made with salt. 

They’re made with halite, a type of rock that includes natural salt. Salt lamps are incredibly fragile. 

Every time you touch one, you risk chipping or breaking it. And you should never, ever clean a salt lamp with water or any other liquid.

Do Salt Lamps Ruin Furniture?

Most of the time, they are completely fine, and this is especially true if you buy a real one rather than a cheaper alternative.

However, you should be aware that if you do not clean it now and then, there is the possibility that the dirt attracted to it could rub off onto your furniture.

The salt lamp can drip into your furniture if it cries a little and damages your furniture. 

Salt is collected on a plate if the lamp is kept on one. This can be easily discarded or used in bathing or cooking. 

From second-hand stores, you can easily find lovely glass plates for very little money.

Are Salt Lamps Safe To Leave On?

It has been suggested that a Himalayan Salt Lamp be left on overnight as a night light. 

Can it make the same effect as a night light? 

A salt lamp contains a small bulb that heats up in the night, and many are concerned about leaving them on while sleeping.

But there’s no reason for the salt lamp to burn the salt rock or the wooden base. However, it can be dangerous for the lamp switch to catch on fire if you buy a low-quality one with a poorly designed electrical control.

So, when buying a salt lamp, make sure the switch on the light is UL certified.

Because of this, Salt Lamps can be left on overnight without the risk of the switch malfunctioning.

Buy your salt lamp only from trustworthy companies. 

You should keep one Himalayan Salt Lamp on your nightstand at the lowest dimming level if you already have one.

Can Salt Lamps Grow Mold?

Many people believe that salt lamps are made from natural salt crystals, but salt lamps are made from genuine salt crystals. 

Salt crystals are a naturally occurring compound that is formed when water evaporates from saltwater. 

These salt crystals are then harvested, usually from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan, and then turned into lamps. 

And while salt lamps don’t grow mold, they have a very high risk of getting mold. 

Because they are porous, they are tough to clean and can quickly become moldy.

However, with that said, with regular cleaning and general care of your salt lamp, you will find that it does indeed last a long time without mold.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Salt Lamp?

We have covered this in our top places to place a salt lamp post, but the common areas seem to be:

  • Coffee table
  • Office
  • Massage rooms
  • Practice rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Children’s room
  • Smoking rooms

Are Salt Lamps A Fire Hazard?

The only real possibility of fire comes from the electrical switch mechanism to turn it on and off.

As discussed earlier, as long as you get a lamp with a certified switch, there is very little chance of a fire occurring.

Are Salt Lamps Dangerous?

There was a recent recall in the United States, but that was due to an unsafe electrical component used for cost savings.

The hazards depend on what you plan to do with the salt lamp, but for the most part, salt lamp hazards aren’t fatal. 


While salt lamps are a popular addition to many homes, they are notoriously bad for your furniture if you place them directly onto a piece of furniture without protection from something like a plate.

Salt lamps have a bad habit of leaving a white, powdery residue on whatever they sit on. 

Even though you can easily wipe off this residue, it will quickly return in abundance. 

If you take some simple precautions, such as using a lovely decorative plate to place the lamp on, you will have no ruined furniture issues.

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