HAPHID Negative Ion Generator/Plug In Air Purifier Review

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If you live either in a small or medium-sized apartment looking for a better way to keep your air clean and free from awful smells, this could be the game-changer for you.

In our world today, we now have technologically advanced negative ion generators with unique features that can help keep your environs clean and healthy for living. Without further ado, let’s head straight to review the air purifier product that we have for you.

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HAPHID Negative Ion Generator/Plug In Air Purifier Review

For long hours of continuous, healthy ion release through this device, your liberation from airborne contaminants and allergens has just begun. As one of the industry-leading air purifiers, the HAPHID plug-in air purifier can generate up to 32 million ions per cm^3 which will give you the chance to breathe healthy air in the office or at home.

You may continue to have those dust allergies until you invest in an effective air purifier like the HAPHID negative ion generator. The HAPHID plug-in air purifier is evidence of advancement as far as innovative technology is concerned. This special product adopts a new-age tech of negative ion emission.

According to medical research, it has been revealed that negatively charged particles (anions) in the air have the propensity to improve the level of oxygen in the blood as well as promote immunity and enhanced metabolism.

All of the above-mentioned benefits, and many more, you can enjoy from a single unit of HAPHID air purifier. Negative ions have long been in use as an effective air purification element.


Portable/Lightweight Frame Design

Right out of the box, you have a compact air purifier with a rectangular body, designed with two different light indicators. The first indicator (to the left of the device) is the power indicator while the other is the “working” indicator. This air purifier weighs 7.8 ounces with a smart frame that takes up very little space.

No-filter system Purifier

This is a filter-free purifier which implies that you don’t have to bother about spending extra money, replacing the air filters as the adopted technology will effectively purify your air without high maintenance cost.

Maximum Ion Output

To effectively rid a room of polluted air and allergens, you’ll need to discharge millions of anions into the air. The HAPHID negative ion generator can produce over 30 million negative ions for cleaning indoor pollutants like smoke and other harmful substances.

Noiseless Air Purifier

With a silent operation, you can have improved sleeping hours while you enjoy soothing relief from this air purifier. This is a perfect gift for people who’d love to improve the quality of air in their home or office.

Fast Cleansing

In as low as 10 seconds, you can easily get rid of second-hand smoke from your kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.


  • Dimensions: 3.35″ L x 2.17″ W x 1.97″ H
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Power: 2W
  • Brand: HAPHID

Pros and Cons


  • Quiet and efficient
  • Low power design
  • A noiseless and portable device
  • Improves air quality
  • Easy to use


  • Needs improvement on durability

Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Brushes On This Device Move?

The brushes do not move. You can however clean them by unplugging the device and gently applying isopropyl alcohol.

How Long Does It Take Before It Starts Working?

The HAPHID air purifier starts working as soon as you plug it into a power outlet.

Bottom line

If you always have dust particles floating in your room, it’s about time you bought yourself an air purifier. The HAPHID negative ion generator will ensure that you stay free from allergens, dust, second-hand smoke e.t.c by trapping any form of air particles.

One exciting thing about having the HAPHID air purifier is that you can always bring them along with you when going on a trip or resuming to your office. You don’t have to push any button to get your room cleaned up. With plug-and-play technology, you can have fresh air in minutes using this device.

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