Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer

In the holistic and medical field, the healing powers of crystal salt have been known for thousands of years. 

The history of healing baths is based on the application of water enriched with salt.

With the balancing powers, crystal salt neutralizes bio-energetic weaknesses and energy deficits.

Another great help for any kind of respiratory system problem is the Himalayan Crystal Salt FOG IONIZER.

The Himalayan Crystal Salt fog Ionizer is a one-of-a-kind ionizer with a myriad of health benefits. 

It is not just a magical addition to any room; it also creates a Sole (brine) fog or mist, with many healing properties.

Health Benefits

  • Just two hours of “sea-air” therapy with the Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer daily has been reported to
  • alleviate and improve respiratory problems, like asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, allergic asthma,
  • have an anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory as well as balancing and energizing effect,
  • produce clean and dust-free indoor air and thus a highly improved quality of living and sleep,
  • add negative ions to the air, creating a healthy seashore environment,
  • clear the air of positively-charged pollution particles, including dust, pollen, or smoke,
  • kill bacteria,
  • add humidity to a dry room.

How it works in short

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer works like this:

The Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer vaporizes a one-percent crystal salt solution (Sole or brine). 

Ultrasound waves stimulate the Sole (brine) to the degree that causes the water’s molecular clusters to break up and separate from one another. 

The individual elemental molecules bond with the salt in its ionized form through the particular frequency being used. 

This creates a sole mist (or crystal salt mist) without any necessity to heat the water, producing an ocean-front climate.

The negatively charged Sole mist molecules attract and bind positively charged pollution particles, thus cleansing the air.

As a result of biophysical research, we know that the electromagnetic frequencies of the crystal salt Sole (brine) correspond in wavelengths with those of a human body in its original healthy state.

It has been demonstrated that two hours of running the crystal salt fog ionizer cleans your indoor air and will generate ion levels comparable to those on the seashore, creating a therapeutic effect similar to that achieved in a salt gallery in your home.

For those who like to scent the air in your home, essential oils can be added for pleasure or therapeutic value. 

This Ionizer creates a very comfortable feeling in the room and makes the whole space more relaxing, especially if you have a computer and other electronic equipment in the room. 

What are Ions and their importance to our health?   

Ions are electrically charged particles in the air created through ionizing radiation.

For example, ultraviolet light (sunlight), discharge of gasses (lightning) and incandescent objects (ovens), open flames (fireplace, candles), and a very fine mist of water (waterfall, spray mist, surf).

Pure, unpolluted fresh air contains an abundance of ions, about 1000 air-ions per cubic centimeter. A healthy indoor climate can be created through a well-balanced abundant number of ions.

All life depends on ionization.

Each organism is part of the continual interchange of positive and negative ions in our atmosphere. 

Harmful ion levels in our polluted environment cause weakened immune systems and may cause headaches and migraines, dizziness, nervousness, and anxiety. 

They may also promote allergies and asthma, cause heart problems and ph-level changes, decrease oxygen levels in the lungs, and influence some hormonal activities (e.g., Serotonin) and thus influence many nervous- glandular- and cell processes.

Healthy ion levels promote wellbeing, increased energy capacity, have an air-cleansing effect, reduce electrostatic charges, build the immune system and promote respiratory health.

We long for the mountains, clear blue skies, sunshine, and the seashore.

The common denominator of the above being therapeutically high and harmonious ion levels in the air, containing more than 1000 ions per cubic centimeter.

Electrostatic charges created by plastic or synthetic surfaces, dust, and cigarette smoke are the main culprits in destroying the ion levels in our air and electric fields generated by the installation of electric and electronic devices and lack of air ventilation.

The best way to maintain harmoniously healthy, high ion levels is by avoiding synthetic surfaces and dust.

Light a few candles, light the fireplace, have a fountain in your home or humidify your air with spray mist.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizers, producing mist by ultrasound, are excellent sources of ions.

Common Fog Ionizers versus Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizers

Crystal Salt Sole (brine) can cause corrosion in common foggers.

Furthermore, Sole’s specific gravity (brine) is higher than water and is overstressing a common fogger.

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