Himalayan Living Salt

Revitalize Your Body With the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Discover the Salt that will actually improve your health

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest and most beneficial salt available.

Millions of years ago, a primordial sea was evaporated by the sun, leaving absolutely pristine crystalline salt.

Today, this crystal salt, buried deep in the Himalayan Mountains, is mined and processed gently by hand to bring you a salt that still retains the original qualities of this ancient body of water.

The moment it again touches water, this special salt will come alive, setting free its inherent, stored healing energy that can benefit your body.

For over 250 million years Himalayan crystal salt remained untouched…until now. This salt comes from a time when the planet Earth was a pristine ecosystem.

Containing the 84 minerals essential to human life, this salt is truly an ocean of energy! The degree of compression within this mountain range was so extreme that it created perfectly structured crystal grids within the salt.

Now you can gain immediate access to the hidden power in these unparalleled natural salt crystals. They have demonstrated their positive effects on a myriad of body functions, including:

  • Re-mineralizing the body with 84 minerals and trace elements essential to health
  • Replenishing electrolytes
  • Balancing the body’s pH
  • Improving respiratory, circulatory, organ, connectivity tissue, and nervous system functions.
  • Assisting in the cellular absorption of nutrients.

How To Use Himalayan Crystal Salt

The salt comes in four different crystal sizes, for different uses. All are packaged in 100% unbleached cotton cloth bags.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – Fine Granulated

Our crystal salt ground small enough to be used in a common saltshaker. It has all the natural characteristics of the original crystals and a distinctive “alive” taste. It can be used at the table and in cooking and baking.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – Coarse Granulated

For those who want to use a salt mill or freshly grind their own salt.

Himalayan Crystal Salt – Bath Salt

Turn your bathtub into a refreshing primordial sea! A bath with Himalayan Crystal Salt rebalances bioenergetic deficits in your body and strengthens weak links, reactivating your body’s electric current.

It activates the natural regulatory mechanism of the body and its self-healing powers.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones

Diamond-like salt crystals used to make Sole (so-lay), a mixture of water and crystal salt that becomes a “fluid materialization of sunlight”.

It is excellent for balancing the pH environment of your body and breaking down the build-up of heavy metals and toxins.

Crystal Salt Peloid with Peruvian Fango Mud

Our Peloid (re-crystallized mineral mud) mask combines Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, structured AquaVibeTM water, and additive-free Peruvian Mango Mud, a highly-regarded, mineral-rich virginal mud of volcanic origin from a remote region of Peru.

In the field of aesthetics, Mango mud is considered the most efficacious clay for the treatment of acne and cellulite, as well as for tightening the skin.

It eliminates excess fat, decreases uric acid levels, polishes and smoothens the skin, re-hydrates the skin at the deepest level, stimulates circulation, and strengthens the skin and pores.

Crystal Salt Relaxation and Rheumatism Sachet

A pillow filled with Himalayan Crystal Salt, which can be warmed in the oven to provide warm relief wherever your body needs it.

Personal Salt-Air Ceramic Inhaler with Himalayan Crystal Salt

Pre-filled with coarse granulated Himalayan Crystal Salt. The Salt-Air Inhaler is a convenient, drug-free, and non-invasive device for enjoying the benefits of salt-air therapy. Daily Use For Several Minutes Can:

  • Ease Breathing
  • Support Rehabilitation & Medical Therapies of the Respiratory System
  • Clean the Respiratory System

Salt-Air Can be Very Helpful For Respiratory Problems Caused by:

  • Pollen & Other Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Influenza & Other Infections
  • Dehydrating, Recycled Air Aboard Airlines