Inversion Table Benefits

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Overview of inversion table benefits:

  • Relieves spinal pain
  • Helps with osteoarthritis
  • Soothes severe headaches
  • Might help to relieve fibromyalgia
  • Makes your lungs stronger
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves concentration
  • Decreases stress
  • Enhances the lymphatic system

Much more, carry on reading below to get the full low down.

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If Yoga exercises come with a variety of inversion postures, it’s not without a good reason.

The health benefits of inversion table therapy, which involves hanging upside down like bats, are scientifically proven to be amazing.

What inversion does is reverse the detrimental effects of gravity on your body to heal you of a whole lot of physical and mental health problems.

By bringing your head to a position lower than your heart, it relieves your body of the pressure caused by the gravitational force. An easy way to get the benefits of inversion therapy is to use an inversion table.

Using an inversion table can give you an excellent range of benefits, some of which are listed below:

Relieves spinal pain

Your spinal vertebrae are prone to a lot of problems. In fact, this is an inversion table benefit that could possibly be the most interesting to many of you reading this.

The pull of gravity on the discs separating the vertebrae can cause them to compress, leading to herniated or slipped/ruptured discs, as they are known.

This, in turn, can lead to pain, which can even become extremely severe in some cases. Pain relievers at best help to subdue the symptoms, and also carry the danger of harmful side effects.

Surgery is, of course, the last resort in case of excruciating pain but, fortunately, an inversion table can help prevent recourse to it.

Relieves spinal pain

Keeps your posture in shape

You know how important a good posture is to the development of a confident personality.

The positive effects of an inversion table on your posture are exceptional. By releasing the compression of your vertebrae and loosening up your muscles, especially in your neck and upper back region, an inversion table helps improve your posture.

Alleviates sciatic nerve pain

Another serious problem that an inversion table can effectively treat is your sciatic nerve pain.

The problem results from the formation of herniated discs in the lumbar region of your back and can get aggravated due to contracted muscles in the region pressing against the sciatic nerve.

Symptoms of the disease include throbbing to severe pain and even numbness in some cases.

More often than not, the pain ends up spreading through the buttocks into the upper part of the legs, obstructing even ordinary chores.

Helps with scoliosis

Spine-related problems can take various forms, one of them being scoliosis, in which the spine gets curved in an abnormal way.

An inversion table can be quite beneficial not only in restoring the shape but also in alleviating the pain caused by the disease.

Cures backache

An inversion table is a great way of curing your back pain through alternative therapy, without resorting to surgery.

With back surgery usually an extremely painful affair and providing only temporary relief, this offers an excellent and easy way to go about alleviating your back pain.

Sustained and proper use of the inversion table can, in fact, completely cure your backache, keeping you free of the painful experience of life.

Treats osteoarthritis

Inflammation or wear and tear commonly cause damage to the cartilage in the joints, resulting in osteoarthritis, which can lead to chronic pain.

The disease hampers mobility, making even basic functions like walking a painful experience. Now you have an easy solution for this problem in the form of an inversion table.

It not only helps slow down or reverse the effects of osteoarthritis but is also seen to prevent the same.

Treats osteoarthritis

Strengthens the joints & ligaments

With age, gravity has an extremely detrimental effect on the weight-bearing joints of your body, namely the joints of the hips, ankles, knees, and backbone.

It causes these joints to become weak due to the loss of fluid resulting from pressure on the cartilage.

With inversion, the fluids are pushed back into the joints, causing the circulation to be boosted and the muscles to be relaxed. Inversion also has a positive effect on your ligaments as it helps strengthen them, thus preventing them from breaking your bones.

Has a therapeutic effect on headaches

Headaches can come in various forms – from the mild to the severe, from the throbbing to the shooting kind of pain that makes even a small moment of the head unbearable.

What an inversion table does is work on the muscles that can trigger headaches due to stress or spasm. So by aligning your spine in the correct posture, the table helps to minimize the spasms in the muscles of the shoulders, face, neck, and skull, thus reducing the stress in your body.

Since inversion therapy also works to de-stress the mind, it’s another factor that contributes to relieving you of headaches.

Treats headaches

Treats fibromyalgia

The causes of fibromyalgia are not really known but it is generally believed to be related to excess cortisol or stress hormone in the body.

An inversion table helps to correct the lost hormonal balance to work positively against fibromyalgia and reduce the resulting pain.

Strengthens lungs & breathing function

The benefits of an inversion table on your lungs and breathing are amazing.

In the case of lungs, inversion therapy helps boost oxygen flow to the lungs, facilitating the proper distribution of oxygen across the lungs. It also strengthens the diaphragm, enabling improved breathing, which in turn helps push more oxygen to all parts of your body.

The breathing function is further strengthened by the increased oxygen into the nasal passages, thus clearing your sinuses.

Strengthens lungs & breathing function

Boosts blood circulation

By inverting your body, an inversion table serves to improve the circulation of blood from all corners of your heart to your brain.

An additional advantage is that the blood that circulates in your body during inversion is cleaner and fresher as a result of the existing blood getting flushed out due to the reversal of the gravitational impact.

Makes the heart healthier

With the change in your heart’s position during the inversion process, this vital organ of your body gets the maximum benefit of this therapy.

The inverted position eliminates all stress on your heart, relieving it of the pressure of working 24X7 to keep your body functioning.

As the head gets a surge of fresh blood, it sends out a signal to the heart to stop pushing so hard, enabling it to get the much-needed rest.

Supports digestion

A healthy body is linked with healthy digestion and you’d naturally do anything to ensure the same. Along with a host of other benefits, an inversion table is a good way to keep your digestion stable and in control.

Inversion therapy has a direct impact on digestion as it enables the feces to move from the small to the large intestine in tandem with gravity, instead of moving against it.

Inversion also aids in removing old feces from the intestines, thus cleansing your digestive system.

Facilitates better functioning of the lymphatic system

Given the importance of the lymphatic system in keeping your body clean and free of toxins, it’s important to keep it in good functional order.

Exercises are the best way of ensuring the proper functioning of your lymphatic system as they help move the lymphatic fluids through your body.

And when it comes to exercising, there’s nothing like the inversion table to give you a good dose of it.

Inversion therapy works by helping your body to pull the lymphatic fluids away from the lower end of your body, where they tend to accumulate.

The body is then easily able to throw out the toxins, which can trigger a whole range of health problems. The effect of the inversion table on your body’s lower extremities is also evident in another way.

In an inverted position, your body is able to clear the blood that gets pooled in the lower parts of your body, thereby preventing the problem of varicose veins.

Enhances the immune system

A strong immune system is vital to keep your body free from all kinds of viral and bacterial infections.

An inversion table helps to strengthen your immune system by improving the functioning of your lymphatic system.

Since an improved lymphatic system keeps your body free of toxins, your immune system acquires capacities to concentrate on fighting infections instead of focusing on the removal of toxins.

Use it to build flexibility

Stiffness of the spine or body muscles can obstruct your body’s mobility and flexibility. At the root of such stiffness is the de-compression caused to the spine discs by gravity.

Inversion therapy helps keep the discs hydrated, enabling smooth movement and better flexibility.

Use it to build flexibility

Enhances energy levels

With higher levels of oxygen, an improved immune system, better blood circulation, speedy cleansing of toxins, and better functioning of your vital organs, the effect of an inversion table on your overall energy levels can be amazing.

It helps relieve you of fatigue and tiredness, quickly and effectively.

Improves post-workout recovery

Workouts, though extremely beneficial for your health and fitness, can leave you physically stressed by causing your bones and muscles to be stiff and even leading to compression of your weight-bearing joints.

An inversion table is a good way to speed up your recovery time after a workout.

Helps induce quick & sound sleep

If you’re having problems sleeping, an alternative therapy is a good solution and an inversion table is an excellent alternative therapy for this purpose!

So the next time you want a good night’s sleep get on to your inversion table for a few minutes. You’ll soon feel your body relax.

Relieves stress & improves concentration

If you’re wondering what the relationship between gravity and stress is, check this out:

Gravitational forces can wreak havoc with your body’s hormones, causing stress levels to rise. An inversion table helps restore the hormonal balance to reduce stress in the body.

It works on multiple levels – boosting oxygen and blood circulation on the one hand and causing muscle tension to ease on the other.

A de-stressed mind can concentrate better, thus enabling more focused attention to the task at hand. And a relaxed mind can also help unleash your creativity.

Relieves stress & improves concentration

Increases height (though not in the way you may think)

Now, this is a unique benefit of an inversion table that few people are aware of.

Inversion therapy helps short people and people losing height (yes, that’s a scientific fact) gain height.

Most people suffer height loss during the day due to the pressure of gravity which inversion of your body against the gravitational force can help restore.


The benefits of an inversion table, which comes with the advantage of being inexpensive and affordable; extend beyond the ones listed above.

So you’ll find women using this table for easing their Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms, as also as improving their physical appearance. By cleaning the body well of all its toxins, an inversion table helps prevent a lot of skin problems, while the increased blood flow towards the head nourishes the hair to make it healthier and attractive.

The physical effects of an inversion table are so exemplary that it can well be termed the medicine of youth as it helps keep the effects of aging at bay. With regular use of an inversion table, you’ll see your energy levels and vitality increase multi-fold.

The best part about using one of these devices; is that you don’t need to plunge yourself headlong into the actual exercises. With most inversion tables built to provide flexibility across a wide range of angles, you can simply start with minimum angle inversion and then slowly go up to full inversion at 180 degrees.

Another positive factor in their use is that you need not spend hours working out on it to get the benefit of it. Just a few minutes is usually enough to help you derive the maximum and long-lasting effect.

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