Salt Lamp Decor Ideas

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There are many salt lamp decor ideas and ways to use and decorate various rooms using a Himalayan salt lamp. It is a source of harmony and light, soothing and calming at night. For some, it is a reminder of the feeling of a warm summer night, a symbol of serenity, and a source of warmth and comfort in the home. If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your home, consider these salt lamp ideas. Salt lamps come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are often used in combination with other elements of home decor.

Living Room

The living room is an ideal place to place your salt lamp. You will be able to receive the calming effects as you are sitting in the most relaxing area of your house. You can put them on a table near the TV to counteract any positive ions that emanate from that device or on a table beside your seat.


Work often produces a lot of stress and seeing as you are surrounded by computers and heating or cooling systems, you are getting bombarded with positive ions. Placing a salt lamp on your desk is a great way to counteract the negative effects that an office typically provides.


What better place to use your Himalayan lamp. Please put it on your bedside table and allow it to fill you full of positivity as you drift off to sleep.

Children’s Bedroom

You can use one of these lamps in your children’s bedroom as a nightlight. However, please ensure to keep it safe so that your child is unable to harm themselves. This means keeping it out of reach and plugged into an outlet that they cannot touch. Also, use the correct bulb for the device. Your child’s care is more critical than a salt lamp, so if you feel as though it is unsafe, you should not place it inside their room.

Massage Parlor

When considering salt lamp ideas, in many ways, this is the perfect location for one. You can place them on the table next to your client or simply have them on in the background, radiating their positive energy around the room.


Salt belongs in the kitchen, but this type of salt will bring you even better results. You will gain new ideas about what to cook, and the stress-relieving properties will make cooking even more enjoyable than it already is.

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