Salt Lamps Alternatives

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Salt lamps are decorative lights installed in our homes. These lamps are etched out of big rocks exhumed from underground mines.

They are known to improve our health, boost energy, purify the air, lower electromagnetic radiation, and improve sleep. Unfortunately, the negative ions from salt lamps outweigh the positive ions in reach of electromagnetic radiation.

Coupled with that, we also have to deal with the lamps leaking (although salt lamps don’t melt), the heaviness, the fragility, and many other counterfeits in the market.

If you are in my shoes, then I assume you’ve once thought about the alternative to these salt lamps, or you still are.

The questions arise, however, from time to time, are there effective alternatives? Is the salt lamp the only available option? My answer is no. You have lots of choices and options for household decors, and salt lamps are not excluded.

Selenite Lamps

Selenite Salt Lamps Alternatives

Ever seen a type of lamp that looked like an imitation of an ice tower in the most excellent possible way, beautiful just like moonlight and elegant. Except that this moonlight has its own power cord and switch? 

You’ve probably come across a selenite salt lamp.

Selenite lamps are naturally made out of an apparent or unclear structure of gypsum glass. Light passes through it effortlessly, generating a warming gleam. In its natural form, the selenite has been structured to create a distinctive lamp, and the primary outcome is achieved by cutting and molding along the natural split surface.

The Scoop On Selenite Lamps

Selenite lamps are created out of an innately semi-apparent form of gypsum. The lamps themselves are naturally a hollowed-out portion of selenite in its raw, obelisk-like structure, making each light entirely distinct.

Selenite lamps are aesthetically pleasing and are said to elevate moods and boost energy and strength. It is thought to be ideal for the home due to the white light it gives off.

Well, if you ask me, I’d say I’m a big fan of selenite lamps because of their wellness-boosting light fixture, its ability to lift spirits, and white – it’s my favorite color.

But Why Selenite?

Selenite lamps are beginning to have real moments of exposure because, in parts, they are beautiful to look at, gorgeous, and aesthetically pleasing, also because of the health benefits that they appear to offer.

The said benefits include its ability to steady emotions, nullify the effects of free radicals, and improve overall health.

What Are Selenite Lamps Good For?

I’ve come across this question at different times, especially when I have the opportunity to discuss lamps. I hear people ask me, “do I dispose of my other lamps?”, ” are selenite lamps really good?”, “are selenite lamps worth the hype?”, ” What are these lamps good for?”

Selenite lamps are purportedly suitable for several reasons. From the aesthetic part – beautifying the home to the part where it keeps us healthy and improves our lifestyle, this lamp has been proven to be home worthy for several reasons. 

Imagine you had a lamp at home to sit around because you wanted to feel better about a situation or relax your muscles. How do you see that?

Selenite Lamp Benefits

Here are some of the usefulness you get from using a selenite lamp.

Selenite Lamp vs. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Selenite Lamp vs. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Both Himalayan salt lamps and selenite lamps are tremendous crystals with several advantages for fitness and health, and they both have different things to offer.

The very first thing that is noticeable about these lamps is their appearance. While a Himalayan salt Lamp gives off an orange or pink color, a selenite lamp gives off white color.

Also, Himalayan salt lamps and selenite lamps have various properties and are used for totally different things.

While Himalayan lamps are known for their ability to produce negative ions, selenite lamps are known for their recovery and purifying powers.

This is not to say that one outweighs the other; it depends on your options and needs as a user.

Selenite Lamp or Himalayan Salt Lamp 

Himalayan salt lamps, the initial home decor scenery, one of the few lamps gotten out of rock world inspiration, emanates light varying from orange to pink in color and come with a list of possible benefits that, well, should not be ignored. While their unusual shade makes them great for equalizing all the blue light that is possibly capable of ruining your sleep, It is also much harder to conform to a home decor system. 

However, due to the white light that selenite lamps emit and their ability to produce a range of varying health benefits, selenite lamps seem more proportional to the home. 

This isn’t to say that you should dispose of the Himalayan salt lamp if you have one.

If you are enthusiastic about the distinct advantages of a particular lamp as well as in connection with the way it adorns your shelf, you clearly might want to look at a selenite lamp.

Is Rock Salt and Sendha Namak the same?

Yes. Another name for Sendha Namak is rock salt. It is a type of salt formed when the saltwater from a lake or sea evaporates, abandoning brilliant goblets of sodium chloride. It can also be referred to as halite.

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