What Bulb Can I Use In A Salt Lamp

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Using the correct light bulb in a Himalayan salt lamp is important because it will determine how much heat you get from your lamps. At some point, you will ask yourself the question: “what bulb can I use in a salt lamp?”. With that in mind, what are the different options and how do you know which bulb is best for your lamp?

What Is The Best Bulb For A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The most common bulb is 15 watts, but 25 watts and even 40 watts are better suited to large lamps.

Why Salt Lamps Need Light Bulbs

Salt lamps, also known as Himalayan salt lamps, are decorative objects made of a naturally occurring soft pinkish-orange mineral salt called sodium chloride. They are designed to emit electromagnetic waves in order to produce negative ions that improve air quality. they are needed in order to maintain the heat within the lamp, which is necessary for the production of negative ions. The correct bulbs for salt lamps emit light and heat and so the light bulb is what actually warms the lamp.

Why Do Salt Lamps Need Light Bulbs?

The heat from the light bulb causes the crystal particles of salt to rise up and release negative ions which activate air molecules. This ionization is said to purify the air by removing pollutants such as pollen, dust, dander, mold spores, and pet dander from the surrounding air. Bulbs are needed in this type of lamp because they provide heat for the salt. The heat causes the salt to vaporize, giving off a pink glow. A light bulb is not always needed for pink salt lamps because not all of them have bulbs inside. This is usually due to the fact that some people like having them as decorations and not as sources of warmth and light.

How To Choose The Right Bulb For Your Salt Lamp

There are three basic factors when choosing the right bulb for your salt lamp:

  1. Color Temperature: Color temperatures range between 2700K and 6500K Most bulbs are around 5000K. Higher numbers mean warmer colors while lower numbers indicate cooler hues. The ideal light bulb should produce light without ultraviolet radiation. It should also emit a color temperature of around 3000K or 4000K. Any other color temperature can cause negative effects.
  2. Heat Output: Heat output refers to the total watts used per hour. High wattages are better since they allow for longer usage times.
  3. Life Span: Life spans vary depending on the brand and model number. Some last about 10 years while others may last 20+ years.
How To Choose The Right Bulb For Your Salt Lamp

If you’re looking for a specific color temperature then you’ll need to choose based on the desired effect. However, most people will want to get one that’s close to their current lighting setup. That way, you won’t notice much change in brightness or hue.

The Best Bulbs For Salt Lamps

The best Himalayan lamp light bulbs to buy are usually those with a high wattage rating. These types of bulbs give off enough heat to warm up the salt without burning anything else in the house. You should look for ones that come with a glass cover over the base of the bulb. This allows any excess heat to escape out of the bottom of the bulb before it gets too hot. It’s recommended that you buy these bulbs only if you plan on using them regularly. It is also recommended to avoid cheap bulbs wherever possible because they tend to break easily. If you are thinking, “what bulb can I use in a salt lamp?” there are two main things to consider:

  1. The color temperature (a warm glow is more sought after)
  2. The amount of heat given off

Most bulbs sold today fall under either the cool white or daylight spectrum.

What Size Bulb For A Salt Lamp Is Best?

The best size for a salt lamp will depend on what size of lamp you own because different sizes produce varying amounts of heat. As long as you know how big your current lamp is, you can determine whether or not you need to upgrade to a bigger bulb. The following table shows some examples:

Lamp SizeWatts Needed
10″ x 10″15 – 20
12″ x 12″35 – 45
14″ x 14″ 55 – 65
16″ x 16″70 – 80
18″ x 18″90 – 110
20″ x 20″120 – 150
22″ x 22″160 – 200
24″ x 24″180 – 250

15-Watt Light Bulb

15-watt bulbs are a great choice for a sodium lamp because they give off enough heat to warm up the salts but not too much heat to cause damage to any other items around the lamp. These bulbs come with a standard base and should fit almost every type of socket.

25-Watt Light Bulb 

25 watt light bulbs are also a great choice because these bulbs allow you to replace the original 25-watt bulb without needing to buy another whole new lamp. You simply need to purchase a replacement bulb that fits the same size hole as the old one. Most of these bulbs come with a standard screw base and should work fine with most sockets. Some of these bulbs may require a special adapter if you don’t already own one.

50 Watt Salt Lamp Bulbs

50 watt light bulbs are a great choice for a salt lamp because 50 watts is about half of the power used by a typical 100-watt bulb. It provides less heat than a 75-watt bulb while still being able to keep the salt warm to boost eth air quality. These bulbs come with either a standard screw base or a bayonet-style base depending on where you bought them. Many of these bulbs come with adapters included so that you won’t need to worry about finding replacements later.

40-Watt Light Bulb and 60-Watt Light Bulb

40-Watt and 60-Watt Salt Rock Lamp Replacement Bulbs are the best choice for lamps made of salt because they can be easily replaced when they burn out. 40-watts and 60-watts are both lower wattages than the average 100-watt bulb, making them easier to find at your local hardware store. Furthermore, many of these bulbs will last longer than their higher wattage counterparts. If you want to use this kind of bulb, make sure that you get an appropriately sized bulb. For example, if you’re replacing a 30-watt bulb, then you’ll probably need a 30-watt replacement.

100-Watt Salt Lamp Replacement Bulbs

If you possess larger lamps, then consider buying a 100-watt bulb for your lamp because these bulbs are very powerful. A 100-watt bulb is better for larger salt lamps because it gives off more heat which means that the salt stays warmer for longer periods of time. However, since these bulbs have such a large capacity, they do cost quite a bit more than smaller bulbs.

Types Of Bulbs

The different types of light bulbs include:

  • Incandescent
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • Fluorescent
  • Compact fluorescents
  • LED lights

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The following table lists some of the differences between each type of bulb. Incandescent Lights – Incandescents have been around since Thomas Edison invented the first practical electric lightbulb back in 1879. They were originally designed to provide illumination during the day, however, today we use them mainly at night.

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent Light Bulbs for Himalayan salt lamps

Incandescent light bulbs are lights that use electricity to heat a filament, which is wrapped with tungsten until it reaches an extremely high temperature. When this happens, electrons released from the filament collide with air molecules nearest to the filament and create light that we see as white light.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Light Bulbs for Himalayan salt lamps

Halogens are similar to traditional incandescents except that they produce brighter light using less electricity. Halogen lights emit a bright white light that’s similar to that of fluorescent lighting but is more energy efficient. They can last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and use less energy than CFLs.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Himalayan salt lamps

CFLs are becoming increasingly popular due to their low operating costs and long life span. A compact fluorescent light bulb, or CFL, is a type of fluorescent light that uses a small amount of electricity to produce light. It can be used with regular incandescent bulbs and is the most efficient form of lighting available today. Compact fluorescent lights contain chips in their tubes filled with mercury vapor and argon gas. The mercury vapor line provides the heat required to excite the argon gas, which then emits ultraviolet radiation when struck by electrons emitted from an electric circuit in the outer glass tube.


LED Light Bulbs for Himalayan salt lamps

LEDs are extremely efficient and consume only 1/10th the amount of energy required by conventional bulbs. A LED bulb is a type of light bulb which can be replaced with a low-power, long-lasting alternative to the traditional incandescent light bulb. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting. They also consume less electricity than traditional bulbs and last up to 25 years more than typical bulbs. You can purchase these LED bulbs through online retailers or at your local hardware store. 

How to Replace a Salt Lamp Bulb

When you replace a Himalayan salt bulb, it’s important to know what the bulb type is and how many watts it consumes. The task of replacing the bulb can be daunting, but there are some key things that you should keep in mind including finding out if your lamp is an incandescent or halogen light. A halogen light uses 120 watts while an incandescent uses 60 watts. This will help you determine which size of bulb will suit your needs best. One way to replace the bulb is by removing the old one and installing a new light bulb directly over its bowl or base. To do this, first, remove all of the screws from the top plate of the lamp and unscrew it from its wooden base. Gently remove the old light bulb from its socket, then carefully place it into your new light fixture.

Where To Buy Salt Lamp Bulbs

You can purchase new light fittings in almost any hardware store and even online retailers like Amazon sell them. When purchasing a new light fitting, look for ones that have been designed specifically for salt lamps. They usually feature a metal frame around the glass globe and a plastic cover that protects the globe from damage. There are two types of light fixtures: those that fit inside the bowl of the lamp and those that sit outside the bowl.


Salt lamps are beneficial to your health and should be used in your living space. They work to cleanse the air and provide a calming effect. However, there is one thing that you must be careful about: choosing the correct bulb for your lamp. Not only will an incorrect bulb shorten the lamp’s lifespan, but it will also deplete its benefits and cause negative effects on your health.

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