What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp Should I Buy

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Himalayan salt lamps are rocky-like shaped lamps designed to decorate and beautifully shade your room. Carved out of the pink-Himalayan salt in Pakistan, advocates claim that they offer lots of benefits to humans and their surroundings. 

One thing to note about these lamps is that they come in different sizes and you might be thinking: what size salt lamp do I need? While some are small, others are medium-sized or large. Irrespective of the dimensions, it is essential to know the one that suits your needs. This article explores what you need to know about Himalayan salt lamps and the appropriate size that befits your room.

Can A Salt Lamp Be Too Big?

Salt lamps are used for various room sizes. They are in different shapes and forms. Most times, a small salt lamp is used for its corresponding room. In other words, you use a small salt lamp for a small space; a big lamp for a large room. This implies that a salt lamp can never be too big for a particular place. You just need to make the right choice to get the optimal result.

Can A Salt Lamp Be Too Big?

Salt Lamp Sizes Explained

Salt lamps differ in various sizes. Some are small; others are medium-sized or large. The size, however, does not deter the lamps from functioning appropriately. It all depends on the size of the room you want it to be placed in. Therefore, a salt lamp cannot be too big for a room. You just have to find the appropriate size that fits a room. For instance, a salt lamp of about 33 lbs (15kg) is suitable for a space of 33 x 33 ft (10 x 10m). Meanwhile, a lamp of about 40 – 55 lbs (18 – 25kg) fits a larger room

Himalayan Salt Lamp Size Guide

Choosing the right lamp size for your room is essential. Why? It determines how effective the lamp size will be. A small lamp size in a bigger room may not give you the correct result. Hence, it is necessary to know the appropriate size of a lamp for a chosen space. 

Room Size (Rounded)HImalayan Salt Lamp Size (Rounded)
10 x 10 ft (3m x 3m)7 lbs (3kg)
16 x 16 ft (5m x 5m)11 lbs (5kg)
20 x 20 (6m x 6m)15 lbs (7kg)
23 x 23 ft (7m x 7m)22 lbs (10kg)

Lamp Name And Size Chart

Micro3.5*3.5*6.5 in (8.9*8.9*16.5 cm)2-5 lbs (0.9-2.2 kg)6*6 ft (1.8*1.8 m)
Mini4*4*7 in (10.2*10.2*17.8 cm)5.5-6.5 lbs (2.5-2.9 kg)8*8 ft (2.4*2.4 m)
Small6*6*9 in (15.2*15.2*22.8 cm)10-12 lbs (4.5-5.4 kg)10*10 ft (3*3 m)
Medium 6*6*10 in (15.2*15.2*25.4 cm)10-17 lbs (4.5-7.7 kg)12*12 ft (3.7*3.7 m)
Large8*8*13 in (20.3*20.3*33 cm)23-28 lbs (10.4-12.7 kg)15*15 ft (4.5*4.5 m)
Extra Large8*8*16 in (20.3*20.3*40.6 cm)30-38 lbs (13.6-17.2 kg)16*16 ft (4.9*4.9 m)
Jumbo 19*10*20 in (22.8*25.4*50.8 cm)40-50 lbs (18.1-22.7 kg)20*20 ft (6.1*6.1 m)
Jumbo 210*11*22 in (25.4*27.9*55.8 cm)60-70 lbs (27.2-31.8 kg)25*25 ft (7.6*7.6 m)
Jumbo 311*12*24 in (27.9*30.5*61 cm)70-100 lbs (31.8-45.4 kg)27*27 ft (8.2*8.2 m)
Jumbo 412*13*26 in (30.5*33*66 cm)100-125 lbs (45.4-56.7 kg)30*30 ft (9.1*9.1 m)
Jumbo 513*14*28 in (33*35.6*71 cm)150-200 lbs (68-90.1 kg)32*32 ft (9.8*9.8 m)

Having understood the lamp size, you can then choose the one that suits your needs. For instance, a micro lamp size won’t be appropriate for a large workspace. Its effect won’t be evident for the inhabitants in terms of:

  • Vibration.
  • Glow.
  • Atmosphere. 

Instead, a custom one would make a significant impact. 

How Many Salt Lamps Per Room?

DepeIt depends on the size of the room, but typically one salt lamp is plenty. Nevertheless, if you have large rooms or rooms filled with many items, you could add another. There are too many variables to say how many accurately, but the consensus is that one salt lamp per room should be adequate.

What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp For Each Room Size?

Since each room varies in size, salt lamps must be considered before they are used. The size of a particular room determines the size of the salt lamp. If the room is a small one, then a small salt lamp suits the room. However, if the room is large, a weighty salt lamp is better to achieve a better effect.

Salt Lamps For The Kids Rooms

Salt Lamps For The Kids Rooms

Kids’ rooms vary in size and salt lamps can be a great addition for babies. However, they are usually about 3×3 ft (0.9×0.9 m) and above. While some are more rectangular, others can be in the form of squares. While choosing the salt lamp for your kid’s room, it is essential to note the size of the room for the lamp to be practical. Since kid’s rooms are usually small in size, a 4-13 lbs (1.8-3.9 kg) salt lamp is appropriate. By considering the room size, you can select the proper salt lamp to make your kid’s room glow, radiant, and colorful.

What Size Himalayan Salt Lamp Do I Need For A Bedroom?

Salt Lamp For Your Main Bedroom

As salt lamps are beneficial to health, having one for your bedroom is a good idea. Here, you can buy a salt lamp as a bedside table lamp or sit in the corner of a room. After this, you have to consider the size of your room. You can place a 4-9 lbs (1.8-4 kg) salt lamp on the bedside tables for a medium-sized bedroom.

Salt Lamp Size For Your Office

Salt Lamp Size For Your Office

Having a salt lamp on your office desk compliments the environment. It cleanses the air, soothes the mind, and emits soft glows that make the room more colorful. Nowadays, Himalayan salt lamps are an integral part of home decor. Many celebrities live to display it on their desks or at home. You can also do the same for your office. It all depends on your office size. For instance, a micro salt lamp suits an office of small size, while a custom one fits a larger office.

Salt Lamps For The Reception At A Chiropractor, Yoga Studio, Or Wellness Center

Salt Lamps For The Reception At A Chiropractor, Yoga Studio, Or Wellness Center

Salt Lamps at a Yoga Studio or wellness center have a significant effect on the staff and clients. It calms the nerves, improves the remedial impact on clients, and makes the place more comfortable. You can place a 4-19 lbs (1.8-8.6 kg) salt lamp in the center or corner of the room for a medium-sized wellness center. However, the reception will require a more oversized salt lamp. For your lamp size to be more effective, you can place a salt lamp of about 26-33 lbs (7.9- in the reception.

Salt Lamp Size For A Hallway And Night Light

A salt lamp in the hallway is a wise option. Here, it adds more beauty while also giving a lift to the area. Therefore, if you intend to go to another room at night, you don’t necessarily have to go for the switch. The salt lamps are there to light the way. You can have an 8-13 lbs (3.6-5.9 kg) or 26-33 lbs (9.8-15 kg) salt lamp there for the size area. Besides, it would be best to have smaller salt lamps light the way to make the area more radiant.  

Best Salt Lamp Size For Your Lounge Room Or Living Area

The lounge room and Living area are large rooms that require more salt lamps. Here, it would help if you had large salt lamps to have an effect in the area. A salt lamp of more than 39 lbs (17.7 kg) is more appropriate for a large-sized room. The bigger your lounge room or living area, the bigger the salt lamp you can get.

Smaller Salt Lamp Sizes May Be Better

Smaller salt lamp sizes are adequate for the room. If you can’t afford the bigger ones, you can simply buy smaller sizes to suffice. Smaller salt lamps offer the same value as the big ones. Sometimes, it is carved into different shapes to make the room more radiant.

Buy For Quality, Not For Size

Whenever you intend to buy salt lamps, ensure you plan your purchase carefully. Select the size that suits your needs. By choosing the right lamp size for the size of your room, remember that a larger one doesn’t work better than a smaller one. Instead, shop for the appropriate size that fits your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Salt Lamp Should I Buy?

It depends on the size of the room you want to place it in. You can refer to our chart to see what sizes and weights are best for each size room.

Best Size Salt Lamp For Bedroom

Depending on your bedroom size, it could be anything from 4-9 lbs (1.8-4 kg).


Himalayan Salt Lamps are beneficial to health. It purifies the air and the health benefits include helping you sleep better, calming the nerves, reducing headaches, and boosting the mind. Selecting the one that fits the size of your room renders more benefits to you. 

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